domingo, 1 de junio de 2014


Being healthy is one of my main goals every day, I enjoy eating salads, thinking positevily, drinking lots of water and I try to enjoy the exercise (working on it).
Because of that I started to go to the nutriotionist a month ago. I have to admit that I adore her style, she is ALL NATURAL, she is teaching me how to take care of my organism and how to eat correctly, I used to think that carbs were always a NO - NO in order to be skinny and healthy, but now I know which type of carbs are a NO- NO and which ones are a YES.
I've been loving every single step of this jorney and I hope to keep sharing with you my experiences.
Lots of love,

miércoles, 29 de enero de 2014

What did I eat for breakfast?

I've been always interested in nutrition and health, so I'm used to eat natural healthy (and for me yummy) things on a daily basis. Today I want to share my healthy breakfast, I dont eat the same breakfast everyday but I really enjoy smoothies so I drink them maybe 3 or 4 times per week.
So today, as everyday, I drinked a glass of water before having anything else, this is very important for your body, a nutritionist told me years ago that I had to do this because it's a way to clean your body every morning and for me is part of starting positively my day.

Ok, now to the main point to the post :) this is a super easy recipe to do a smoothie:

1. Wash some stawberries and celery.
2. Add kiwi and lemon juice.
3. Put everything into the mixer and add some water of course. (If you want you can add sunflower seeds, apple, and bran.)

I don't normally use sugar in the smoothies because it taste excelent with the natural sugar from the fruits, and also because I don't really like to add sugar or salt to everything I eat, so I try not to, but in this case, when I tasted I had to added a little bit of organic sugar because as you can imagine, it was ACID - ACID - ACID thanks to the lemon juice and kiwi.

So when you're done with the smoothie you will have something like this:

I wanted to eat something with the smoothie so I ate a light stawberry yogurt with bran (which I'm kind of obsessed with)

And now, time to enjoy a healthy breakfast!

PS: My stomach was kind of full with this breakfast, but if you need or want to eat something else, you can eat a toast without butter and with a slice of cheese and it is delicious, I personally, love it.

miércoles, 1 de enero de 2014


So today is the first day of the year and I'm pretty excited for what is coming this 2014. Every year I make up a list of goals,and last year I achieved almosteverything (except for my drivers licence, buy HEY! at least I tried) This 2014 I just want health, do great at my job and the uni and yes, I want my drivers licence so I'll try again to get it. I hope you all achieve your goals this year. Lots of love, K.